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Timeless Creations


The diamond’s dazzling sparkle

Inspired by Ava Gardner’s timeless grace, the jewel pays tribute to the precious stone. The diamond, enhanced by an airy setting, reveals all of its shine and sparkle.

Ava Round bracelet Bracelet set with a round diamond and paved diamonds, in white gold

The Ava bracelet is a celebration of simplicity and delicacy combined with the jeweler's outstanding craftsmanship. Its airy lightness makes the stone look as if it is levitating, carried by a crown of finely cut diamonds.

1 round diamond FVVS1/2 0,20 carat
19 round diamonds 0,13 carat
White gold 750/1000 2,56 g

Timeless Creations

For 160 years, the Maison Boucheron has been breaking free of trends to create unique and surprising collections. Boucheron’s timeless pieces transcend fleeing time and go through the ages without losing an ounce of their power of fascination; they perpetuate the Maison’s long history and avant-gardist philosophy. The glaring stones, flowing shapes, and elegance of the compositions bestow a touch eternity on these timeless pieces.

Goutte Bracelet Bracelet set with rock crystal and paved with diamonds, in white gold.

The Goutte bracelet plays with materials, shape and volume. The typical Maison combination of diamond and rock crystal gives this Boucheron classic volume and a contemporary feel.

111 round diamonds 6,21 ct
12 baguette diamonds 1,23 ct
Rock crystal 2,22 ct
White gold 750/1000 28,83 g


Inspired from the iconic Parisian square where the Maison Boucheron's historic boutique is located, the Vendôme collection presents bracelets and necklaces. Their subtle octagonal details enhance the beauty of gold and rock crystal.

Rivière Vendôme Bracelet Bracelet paved with diamonds, with rock crystal, in white gold

The secret of the white gold, diamond-paved Rivière Vendôme bracelet lies in its rock crystal, emerald-cut clasp. The engraved column in its center is a subtle reminder of the Place Vendôme, where the Maison Boucheron's historical boutique is located.

64 round diamonds 10.45 ct
Rock crystal 0.75 ct
White gold 750 15.35 g

Vendôme Bracelet Bracelet paved with diamonds, in yellow gold

Inspired by the octagonal shape of Place Vendôme, this yellow gold bracelet enhanced by a diamond edging celebrates the re-opening of the Maison Boucheron's historic premises in 2018. The 26 copies of this limited edition are engraved from 1 to 26, like a secret one keeps to oneself, and which links the creation forever to the re-opening of this special place.

88 round diamonds 3.51 ct
Yellow gold 750 31.96 g

Vendôme Bracelet Bracelet paved with diamonds, in white gold

This Vendôme bracelet is inspired by the octagonal shape of the famous Parisian square dear to Boucheron. This limited edition of 26 copies celebrates the re-opening of 26 Place Vendôme, the Maison Boucheron's historic premises. Entirely paved with diamonds on white gold, the creation is enhanced by a black laquer edging. Like a secret one keeps to oneself, each copy is engraved from 1 to 26, so it will be forever linked to the re-opening of this special place.

542 round diamonds 10.45 ct
White gold 750 24.25 g

Vendôme Bracelet Bracelet paved with baguette diamonds, in white gold

Naturally the Maison Boucheron has chosen to celebrate the re-opening of its historic premises, 26 Place Vendôme, by designing some new jewelry. On this occasion, the Maison has created a unique design, inspired by the 'emerald cut' of the famous Parisian square. This white gold High Jewelry bracelet is entirely paved with baguette diamonds and now hallmark Boucheron. Like a secret one keeps to oneself, this creation engraved 1/1 will be forever linked to the re-opening of this special place.

267 baguette diamonds 41.82 ct
White gold 750 62.48 g

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