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The chasing, engraving, or precious stones of the Boucheron bracelets express the creativity that drives the Maison since the very beginning. When fastened around the wrists of daring and strong women, they break all the codes of classicism.

Quatre Radiant Edition Bangle Bracelet Bangle bracelet set with pavé diamonds in white gold and yellow gold.

120 years ago, Frédéric Boucheron selected the private mansion or Hôtel Particulier at 26 Place Vendôme for its ideal location and the incredible light that shine onto it all day long.
Today, the Radiant Edition line, is declined in the form of a Bangle bracelet. Its finesse and delicateness are enhanced by its diamonds line that reflect daylight and its Grosgrain motif. This bracelet adds the perfect touch to a woman with modern and confident style.

68 round diamonds, 1,95 carats
White and yellow gold 750/1000 25,03g

Quatre Radiant Edition Cuff Bracelet Cuff bracelet set with pavé diamonds, in white gold.

This cuff offers a surprising and modern new interpretation of the Quatre symbolic codes. Quatre's strong design, made of sculpted, graphic lines comes to life thanks to the Hands of Light who reproduce the collection's mythical visual codes on an open-work structure set with pavé diamonds.
The piece's open-work allows the light to shine in and offer the confort of a second skin.

1282 round diamonds, 13,45 carats
White gold 750/1000 71,31g

Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle Bracelet White gold bangle bracelet

The Clou de Paris traces the cobblestones of the Place Vendôme, suggesting a path through the City of Light.

White gold 750/1000 24,72 g

Quatre Grosgrain Bangle Bracelet White gold bangle bracelet

As an iconic code of the Maison, the Grosgrain motif acknowledges Frédéric Boucheron’s family who, as drapers, inspired the delicacy of his creations. It now takes the form of a ribbon of gold around the wrist.

White gold 750/1000 23,55 g

QUATRE BLACK EDITION BRACELET Bracelet set with pavé diamonds, in yellow, white, pink gold and black PVD

Simple and stylish, this Quatre Black Edition bracelet offers a bold new take on iconic Boucheron motifs. The intensely black PVD enhances the monochrome rings in this collection, which over time has become one of the Maison’s signature lines.

12 round diamonds 0,18 carat
1 round diamond 0,03 carat
White gold and black PVD 750/1000 6,38 g

Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle Bracelet Bangle bracelet set with 12 diamonds, in white gold

Quatre is the Maison Boucheron's iconic collection. It comes in several versions as graphic as they are solar. Strong individuals will love this white gold bracelet set with diamonds inside the Clou de Paris motif, a tribute to the cobblestones of Place Vendôme.

12 princess diamonds 1,25 carats
White gold 750/1000 22,11 g

Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle, small model Bangle in white gold, small model

This Quatre collection creation illustrates the excellence of Boucheron craftsmanship. The fine, white gold lines of the bangle are accentuated by the light they emit. The overall effect speaks of assertive style, for those who want to show the world their true, unique nature.

White gold 750 16,45g

Quatre Grosgrain Bangle, small model Bangle in white gold, small model

Quatre expresses its unique character by constantly reinventing itself around four iconic motifs. Here, the Grosgrain comes in white gold and an airy Light version. Worn on its own or with other motifs from the collection, this Quatre bangle is a contemporary signature of Boucheron style.

White gold 750 15,18g

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