To the Maison Boucheron, each novelty and innovation must reflect the philosophy behind all other creations in order to convey meaning and be brought into reality. When the jeweler of the place Vendôme turns a new page in its history in 1988 to launch the Maison’s first fragrance, it is in a ring-bottle that the precious scent is encapsulated. For men and women, the Boucheron fragrances now compose six refined and delicate collections.

Boucheron pour Homme

The first fragrance for men by Boucheron is as classy as a Reflet watch, and mirrors the universe of smart men in search of fresh and sophisticated notes. A noble fragrance for discreet yet self-confident personalities.

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The Quatre fragrances’ bold design bears the mark of the iconic ring of the Maison Boucheron. The floral, sensual, and bewildering scents of the collection were declined for men and women to bring a touch of modernity into the world of fragrances.

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The first Jewel-Fragance, Classic and Timeless.

Launched in 1988 its iconic Ring-shaped bottle, Boucheron is inspired from the precious and magical world of the glamourous Parisian Place Vendôme.

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Jaïpur Homme

Launched in 1998, Jaïpur Homme is a pure sensual adventure.

Jaïpur Homme takes inspiration from the marvelous gardens of the Maharadjas and bears all of the precious codes of Maison Boucheron: the golden gadroons, the sapphire cabochon...

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