The Certificate

The Maison provides a certificate of authenticity for all of its creations; each one is unique and numbered, proving the origin of your jewel.


The Diamond

The gemologists at Maison Boucheron choose each diamond with the utmost care. The four criteria for selection, named the “4Cs” (cut, color, carat, clarity) are used to judge the quality of Boucheron stones.


Colored Stones

Rare and sought-after, colored stones are submitted to a rigorous selection process by the Maison Boucheron.



Used since the beginning of time, gold symbolizes purity and majesty. Gold’s name once originated from the latin aurum; its glow evokes the light of dawn and the sparkling rays of the rising sun. A noble metal, with a grade of 5 on Mohs’ hardness scale, gold is non-oxidizing, which means its shine resists the effects of time.


Care Advice

Generally speaking and no matter what its composition, a precious jewel is delicate and should be treated with the greatest care. A few simple actions and precautions will help you maintain the beauty and radiance of your jewelry.


Size Guide

The sizing guide will allow you to define what your ring size is.


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