Jack De Boucheron

The new collection Jack de Boucheron opens a new chapter in the history of the Maison. Capable of endless variations, this creation plays with the idea of traditional jewellery wear by artfully adapting itself to both the image and imagination of the individual.
The idea behind it? A golden thread connected by a jewelry clasp. Something that plays with the Boucheron aesthetic, between jewelry expertise and artistic license.

Jack de Boucheron

Its clasp? Inspired by an audio jack.

Andreea Diaconu, Jack de Boucheron Jack de Boucheron

The versatility of its chain? Allows all styles.

Andreea Diaconu, Play it your way Andreea Diaconu, Play it your way

Neither a bracelet nor a necklace, Jack de Boucheron tangles, connects, extends, coils, and transforms. With it, anything is possible.

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